Jimmy Giggle Interview on becoming a dad

We recently caught up with Jimmy Rees (aka Jimmy Giggle from Giggle & Hoot) and spoke to him on his first thoughts on finding out he’s going to be a dad.

Congratulations to you and Mrs Giggle on the news of a Giggle junior, it’s all very exciting and we know you will make a fantastic dad.

WO4: Do you think Giggle Junior will follow in the footsteps of dad and become a Essendon fan?
JR: For sure, I will be showering him/her with red and black for many birthdays to come.

WO4: Have you got any names picked out yet?
JR: We had a few but we are not to sure on them anymore. If it was left to me it would be decided at the last minute, luckily I have an organised wife! The thinking continues.

WO4: As we are big advocates of the importance of having your little one experience activities from birth, we’d love to know what you have in mind for Giggle Junior’s first classes?
JR: Mum took me to all sorts of different activities when I was a bub so we are keen to continue that. I went to music, swimming and gym to name a few.

WO4: Do you think Hoot and Hootabelle will make great babysitters?
JR: As long as they don’t try and feed the little one worm flavoured milkshakes, EWWWW!

WO4: Have you been learning how to change nappies yet?
JR: Haven’t been to nappy bootcamp yet. I have a 5 month old nephew though so I will have to get some practice in before April.

WO4: Will Giggle Junior make a guest appearance on the show?
JR: That’s a question for the producers, perhaps a segment called, Jimmy Giggle’s nappy bootcamp. haha!!

WO4: Do they make hoot PJ’s that small?
JR: I think they start at size 1, perhaps I could pull a few strings and get some custom made for the lovely costume department at ABC.

WO4: Does Mrs Giggle have any pregnancy cravings as yet? If so what are they?
JR: She has been craving anything with milk, hot chocolates, cereal, or just glasses of milk which she wasn’t to fond of pre pregnancy. She also went through a phase of fried rice early on.

WO4: Are you going to find out if Giggle Junior is a boy or girl?
JR: At this stage we want to find out, yes.

WO4: We can’t wait to see you and your friends on tour around Australia and what’s in store for Giggle & Hoot for 2015.
JR: The tour is an excellent forum for us to get that audience reaction we miss in the studio so we love performing in all the different states. Giggle and Hoot looks like it will continue in the fashion it has done since its birth, continuing to add more bits and pieces to the show expanding where it can and of course MORE SONGS! Hoot Hoot!

WO4: As we are Australia’s number one destination to find out anything and everything for What’s On around Australia for your little one, school kids and kids parties we’d love to help you and Mrs Giggle fully informed of classes, activities, events, mums groups and much more.
JR: Awesome!!


Jimmy Giggle Interview with What’s On 4 Australia

We sat down with James David Rees aka Jimmy Giggle to talk about his upcoming tour and ask the tough, hard-hitting questions that every child (and mother) wants to know the answer to (such as determing his marriage status!).

WO4 asks: What areas are you visiting with your tour in 2014?

Jimmy Giggle: Our summer tour is heading to Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra. We are in each city for a few days so I hope to see a bit more of the areas in the down time because often I am in and out of a city in a flash.

WO4 asks: Will there be any others joining you on tour?

Jimmy Giggle: Yep, we are touring with the loveable Bananas in Pyjamas and the crazy acrobatic Hoopla Doopla team. The show will be a Giggle-icious, fun filled Hootastically amazing song filled BONANZA! Haha!

WO4 asks: What were your favourite characters or shows growing up?

Jimmy Giggle: I absolutely loved Sesame Street and had the pleasure of working with Elmo, Cookie Monster and Abby Cadabby in the past few years. I was also obsessed with a show called Art Attack, I had the videos, books, magazines EVERYTHING! My folks put me in front of ABC for Kids when I was a kid and it’s wonderful to be on the other side now entertaining kids of today. It’s also a testament to the ABC for keeping children’s TV a focus over the years.

WO4 asks: We know that your a HUGE Bombers fan, who does Hoot follow?

Jimmy Giggle: Oh man! Bombers fans have had to endure a lot over the past few years, a shame we didn’t make it further into the finals. Hoot follows all the teams that have birds as a mascot, so he is winning all the time.

WO4 asks: You travel a lot with your job, where is your favourite place that you have been?

Jimmy Giggle: I am lucky to be able to travel around a great country, that said I’m often not in a city for long but I have had many highlights over the past 5 years. I’ve been to all the major cities but I have to say being stranded in Townsville due to a grounding of the Qantas fleet was an unexpected extended stay. I was able to see a bit more of the town, we had a laugh thats for sure.

Questions from our young fans;
Ella 4 asks: What does your real voice sound like?

Jimmy Giggle: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? My voice is the same, maybe just a little lower, the same amount of giggling though.

Jake 5 asks: What’s it like living with 2 owls, do they keep you awake at night?

Jimmy Giggle: As you see on the TV Jake, Owls are heaps of fun. They do fall asleep a lot but it makes it all the more fun to think of new ways to wake them up. hehe! Hoot has the important job of going on the ’Night Watch’ so I get a great nights sleep every night.

Miss 5 asks: How did Jimmy Giggle get his name?

Jimmy Giggle: My first name is Jimmy and after years and years of giggling all the time, Hoot decided to call me Jimmy Giggle.

Master 4 asks: How does the magic piano work?

Jimmy Giggle: With Magic! Im not really sure how the magic actually works but theres never a dull moment. Its unpredictable, its crazy and its MAGIC!

Connor 4 asks: How old is Hoot & Hootabelle

Jimmy Giggle: I’m not really sure it’s hard to tell how old Owls, maybe 4, they could be 100!

One very important question from one of our mum’s

Karen asks – Is there a Mrs Giggle?

There is a Mrs Giggle, we have been married just about a year now! She is an enormous support to me even so far as wearing a pair of Giggle and Hoot pyjamas to bed.

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