Finding the right Mothers’ Group for you

Mother’s groups are popular in Australian society because they are a great place to develop strong friendships and share your experiences in life and in family with other mums in your area. But how can a bunch of other mothers help you, and where to look for this community?


  • Mother’s group is typically a supportive community that is truly helpful for mothers since they can ask questions about their child’s development from other parents. This is a good source for finding first-hand information and support.
  • Groups are usually open to all mothers, whether they are still expectant or have children in high school, but are commonly attended by those with newborns through to preschool age.
  • This parenting source can give you that feeling that you’re not alone and is a great way to relieve many anxieties.
  • Can help you regain stamina, sanity and strength.
  • In this communityyou will find support, advice, friendship and overall just have a good time.

Where to look for a Mother’s group?

  • Midwifery & birthing departments at your clinic/hospital. Your midwife may be able to Playgroupsuggest a support network that will suit the needs of you and your baby.
  • Parenting magazines and local events calendars.
  • Childcare centers.
  • Churches and other religious or community organisations.
  • Referrals / Word-of-mouth from your friends and collegues.

What to expect in a Mother’s group?

  • It can be a bit like a classroom wherein you are the student and the teacher at the same time. There may be the opportunity to learn from a trained professional, or it may just be round-circle discussions between the mothers. Every child is at a different developmental stage and each family has their own story to tell.
  • You will most likely be offered unsolicited parenting advice, but there’s almost always an opportunity to enjoy engaging conversations.
  • Depending on the ages of the children in the group, there may be craft and educational activities to engage them as well.
  • These networks will meet at a variety of locations, with differing frequency and duration. It may be very informal weekly date at the park with BYO coffee, or a 2-hour session at a dedicated facility that costs few dollars to attend but provides the tea/coffee/food and activities.