Hi 5 House Party!!!

Hi 5 fever has hit our house!

Hi 5 muscles

My son Thomas and I recently had the privilege of attending a rehearsal and meet and greet with Hi 5 in the lead up to their tour ‘Hi 5 House Party’.

The Hi 5 House Party Tour will introduce fans to new members Ainsley, Dayen and Mary, who will join Stevie and Lauren on stage for the first time the 5 have performed together in Australia. Performing songs new and old, the tour is sure to delight the young Hi 5 fans!

It is obvious from observing the 5 together that they have a real rapport with each other and absolutely love what they do. Stevie says “on and off stage, we respect each other and genuinely enjoy each other’s company”. This certainly translates on stage.

Not only do the Hi 5 cast members have a great rapport with each other but the connections they make with the children are completely sincere. As soon as we entered the studio, Stevie came over and introduced himself to Thomas and had a chat with him. Before we left, Ainsley took Thomas around to show him the set and Lauren and Thomas discovered they have the same amount of letters in their names! It was very special.

Having a chat to Hi 5!
Having a chat to Hi 5!

When asked what they enjoyed most about performing live, Lauren responded that she enjoys ‘being able to focus on a child who is quite shy and reserved in the audience and give them a smile and a wink and hopefully help them to enjoy the show”. Stevie pointed out that this is “often the first time that children have been to a theatre and we want them to have a positive experience that they will be able to carry throughout their lives”.

What will we see in the Hi 5 House Party Tour?

Most of that you will have to wait and see, but we can tell you that as well as all the colour and fun that are synonymous with Hi 5, you will see Stevie performing the limbo (Thomas has been singing ‘how low can you go’ all week) and newcomer Ainsley tap dancing!

Hi 5 limbo

The Hi 5 House Party tour kicks off in Victoria on the 1st November! If you have the opportunity to go along and see the show, make sure you do. You won’t be disappointed!

Hi 5 Group Official


Disney On Ice: Princess & Heroes

Disney On Ice is back again for 2013 and I recently attended the show with my two very excited little ones, Julius 4 and Charlotte 3 and my mum who quite honestly was equally as excited!

Growing up in the eighties, I have early and fond memories of Disney with my first cinema experience being the beautiful Bambi and my first theatre performance being Beauty & the Beast. Watching Julius and Charlotte transfixed by the dancers on the stage, waving with both hands to Mickey and Minney Mouse and calling out the princesses names was so much fun for me as a parent and something I will never forget.

Charlotte was keen to be dressed her favourite princess (Cinderella), which I’m glad she did as most girls were and she would have been very disappointed otherwise . Minnie Mouse says early on how beautiful everyone looks (which my daughter was thrilled about) but also comments that you don’t need to be dressed up to ‘feel like a princess’ which was lovely.

Ready and waiting!
Ready and waiting!

The ability of the skaters is amazing. There is something magical about seeing lifts, spins and jumps live on the ice. I also went to Disney On Ice last year and if possible this performance is even better!  The skating is flawless and each story is told one at a time so it like reading a chapter book.

Favourites for me were Be Our Guest performance from Beauty and the Beast and the seven dwarfs’ Heigh Ho fun and the songs from The Little Mermaid were a highlight!

Here are few question I got asked about the performance…

Qu:  Which princesses make an appearances?
The princesses appearing in the show include Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Tinkerbelle, Tiana & Cinderella.

Qu:  I see the performance is about princesses, would boys enjoy it?
Well all the princes are there as well and there is plently of drama with the dragon scene, but regardless of all that I think boys would be just as impressed with the music and skating.

Qu:  How long does it go for?
The nearly 2 hour show is split into two halves with a brief intermission between which is great to get the wriggles out of toddlers and for a toilet break.

Qu:  Are there scary parts for young children?
There is only one scene with a Dragon during Sleeping Beauty that may scare younger and sensitive children. I chose to take my daughter out during the scene as she had already the picture in the program and was quite scared.  My son on the other hand love it and still talks about it a week later!

Qu: Is it really loud?
Not so loud that children would find it over bearing.  Babies and children with sensitive hearing may find it loud though.

Qu:  How much are programs?
At the Brisbane performance were $22 and you also get a pink pretend rose.

Qu: Is it cold?
It’s not as cold as you would think with all that ice but dress in layers just in case.

This was such a fun family day out. I’m so grateful we were able to take part in promoting this show. Feld Entertainment definitely doesn’t disappoint! I highly recommend getting tickets and spending an enjoyable visit as a family to Disney on Ice when it visits a city near you!
Disney On Ice Logo
Tickets can be bought here
Elise Easdown

Reviewing a Crisp Big Wheel Scooter

When my wife asked me to review an adult sized scooter, I was a little apprehensive. I had never ridden a scooter but figured if my 4.5 and 2.5 yr old can do it, I can too. Putting it together simply required a 3 part click and tighten job and I could do it without the instructions (that’s how all men do it). We were then on our way. I must say the children were so excited to see Daddy on his own scooter and they loved the fact that they were able to scoot past me at speed while I counter balanced myself on the Crisp Big Wheel Scooter. After a couple of wobbly attempts I got my groove and off I we went!

We have some great parklands across from our house and the paths are scooter heaven. The Crisp Big Wheel gracefully built up speed and remained stable (thank God) as I navigated up and down small hills and around people walking. I soon realized that I had left my children about 200m behind me and I quickly turned around and whizzed back to them at a speed Usain Bolt would have been proud of! The stability of scooterthe big wheels are great for Daddy beginners like me so I thought it was time to put this scooter to the ultimate test, my Father In Law! I saw him eyeing the scooter off earlier and once we suited him up with helmet, kneepads and elbow pads, he was ready to take control. In no time he was scooting up and down the path and having a great time, so much so, that he attempted a jump off the gutter which brought a massive amount of laughter from all those around him. The next morning my FIL even took the scooter down to the shops to get his morning paper and milk. Yes, that was slightly embarrassing.

The scooter itself is a great design which folds neatly into a tight bundle so its easy to transport. The adjustable height means that short people like myself can be comfortable but then people of a taller nature can ride without worry as well. I actually really appreciate the water bottle holder and wish my kid’s scooter had one as well.

To conclude the Crisp Big Wheel Scooter is a fantastic way to interact with your children on another level, it gets you out of your comfort zone and gives you a thrill (and your children) while promoting exercise to your children. A massive thumbs up from a very cool and hip Scooter Dad.

Crisp Big Wheel Scooter retails for $220 from various bike and skate stores. Go to www.activeoutthere.com.au for more info.

Fun Summer Fashion for Kids

This is a guest post by Amy from Absolute Amy

With the arrival of spring brings lots of fun new fashion for kids.  This season it’s all about colour, with lots of neon, pastels and florals for girls and bright bold colours, stripes and tropical prints for boys.  When shopping for little ones it’s a good idea to stock up on affordable clothes for everyday wear that you won’t mind being splashed with paint or mud and then buying a few items for special occasions. With so much to choose from, it’s a good idea to shop around. Here are some of my top picks for this Summer.



Cotton On Penelope Print Tee $10

This bright and sunshiny tee is ideal for a fun day out and at this price, you won’t mind if it gets watermelon juice on it!


Milkshake Floral-Paisley Dress $26.96

This beautiful blue floral dress is perfect for your little Miss for warm Summer days.


Seed Star Tutu $59.95

This stunning tutu is just gorgeous for a birthday party or with a pretty singlet for the festive season.



Milkshake Surfs Up T-Shirt $19.95

Surfs Up! This fun colourful tee is a great addition for your little mans Summer wardrobe.Image

Country Road Tropical Boardies $39.95

These bright and breezy boardies are perfect for a day of fun in the sun with your little man.


Seed Washed Chino Pant $59.95

I love these bright and fun coloured pants, all you need is a white tee, a pair of converse and a hat and you have one cool little dude on your hands!

Happy shopping!

A xx

About our Guest


Amy is a wife and mummy to a happy and funny Little Miss.  She is a big fan of coffee, cupcakes and high tea. She adores fashion and style, and enjoys finding ways to make everyday outfits colourful and fun. Amy loves finding beautiful things, whether it’s a gorgeous candle for the house or a fab piece of jewellery.

Passionate about charity work, Amy volunteers for Look Good Feel Better, a program to help people deal with the appearance related side effects of cancer treatment.

She has more recently become a Telethon Adventurers Ambassador, working towards a cancer free future for our children.

You can find Amy here: Blog | Facebook | Twitter