Finding the right Mothers’ Group for you

Mother’s groups are popular in Australian society because they are a great place to develop strong friendships and share your experiences in life and in family with other mums in your area. But how can a bunch of other mothers help you, and where to look for this community?


  • Mother’s group is typically a supportive community that is truly helpful for mothers since they can ask questions about their child’s development from other parents. This is a good source for finding first-hand information and support.
  • Groups are usually open to all mothers, whether they are still expectant or have children in high school, but are commonly attended by those with newborns through to preschool age.
  • This parenting source can give you that feeling that you’re not alone and is a great way to relieve many anxieties.
  • Can help you regain stamina, sanity and strength.
  • In this communityyou will find support, advice, friendship and overall just have a good time.

Where to look for a Mother’s group?

  • Midwifery & birthing departments at your clinic/hospital. Your midwife may be able to Playgroupsuggest a support network that will suit the needs of you and your baby.
  • Parenting magazines and local events calendars.
  • Childcare centers.
  • Churches and other religious or community organisations.
  • Referrals / Word-of-mouth from your friends and collegues.

What to expect in a Mother’s group?

  • It can be a bit like a classroom wherein you are the student and the teacher at the same time. There may be the opportunity to learn from a trained professional, or it may just be round-circle discussions between the mothers. Every child is at a different developmental stage and each family has their own story to tell.
  • You will most likely be offered unsolicited parenting advice, but there’s almost always an opportunity to enjoy engaging conversations.
  • Depending on the ages of the children in the group, there may be craft and educational activities to engage them as well.
  • These networks will meet at a variety of locations, with differing frequency and duration. It may be very informal weekly date at the park with BYO coffee, or a 2-hour session at a dedicated facility that costs few dollars to attend but provides the tea/coffee/food and activities.

Could a Team Sport Benefit Your Preschooler?

As the parent of a preschooler you want to make sure that you set your child up for success in their school years and beyond. You want them to be bright and happy with amazing artistic and sporting abilities. The truth is that at this age they just want to have fun with the world, so everything they do in their day is being learnt at an intuitive level; they are building their foundations for success.

Builds a strong foundation for social skills

As much as your child might be quite the adult-converser around the dinner table or be the one that hogs the biggest slide in the playground, there are many times when we ask ourselves howshutterstock_70372900

they mingle with other children when you’re not around. Team sports require children to experience more of their society. There will be coaches, referees/umpires, and other children that they may not usually mix with from another school/class or age. They will experience a more diverse range of social situations to draw upon as they mature. Over time, you may find that they make friends easier and communicate more efficiently.

They learn to take wins and losses

Naturally children want to win every time. That’s why even when you lay down the rules and refuse to let them eat more cookies, they might still try to sneak a couple behind your back. Learning the emotions of winning and losing is a very complex process, one that even some adults don’t have full control over sometimes. Understanding and accepting that there will be times when you can try with all your effort and still not win takes time and patience; we all know it hurts. It is definitely ones of those situations that will repetitively happen and you need to look at it from a preschooler’s level to work it out together.

Boosts confidence

Team sports are usually a great self-esteem booster since they teach children to learn their own strengths and capabilities. They learn to believe in themselves, they learn to be leaders and to take charge. Knowing that you are part of something that is greater than you, even for a child, means a lot and this is usually exhibited in the commitment they have for their team.

Even if they decide that football, soccer, basketball, hockey, or whatever team sport is not for baby swimmingthem, perhaps an individual pursuit might be of more interest. Sports like tennis, golf, darts, or swimming, will still teach them all these character traits that create a confident and talented child. You never know, you might find a new hobby as well.

The mess versus creativity of imaginative play.

Creative imaginative play for little onesOn more than one occasion (this week) I’ve walked into a room to find an epic mess of blankets, pillows and stuffed toys. But once I’ve taken that first very deep breath I can see that the cushions are walls of a castle, the TV remote is a phone and the dog has become a horse (with a saddle and all). This is what young kids do to fuel their imaginations. As messy as it is, imaginative play is a very important step in a child’s development that will likely shape the person they are to become.

It helps nurture language skills

Ideally, children do a lot of talking and visualising when creating their own stories and they may draw on real-life experiences for some inspiration. This provides a great opportunity for them to boost their linguistic skills when learning the names of the different materials they are using and those that they are trying to recreate. It may also help them to explain their emotions and their actual understanding of certain situations that their parents have had trouble dealing with.

It improves social skills

We all loved imaginative play as children because it was our chance to be anything we could possibly dream of. That new kid on the slide is really a dragon-rider, not a shy new kid that I didn’t know. We would ride dragons (slides and see-saws) all afternoon in my imaginary world. The ability of create imaginative storylines helps boost a child’s social skills. It is like a state of euphoria where the child believes that nothing can go wrong so they are not afraid of anything. Perhaps from this, they will forge lifelong bonds and friendships.

It enhances problem solving skills

On more than one occasion I’ve walked into the dining room to find a cubby house under the table, strewn with blankets across it and the chairs. However, there’s always that one blanket keeps falling out of place. Rest assured the kids kept supporting it with all kinds of things until it stayed in place. I love that they don’t quit on that plan and they will always find solutions to these massive construction problems.

Enhances creativity

Within their imagination, everything is possible. You can become anything or anyone. This opens up so many channels to explore their creativity and you never know what they will come up with next. They may be a unicorn dancing on the moon, or a police officer chasing down the bad guy, or an architect creating a curved skyscraper out of paper. Every moment they are nurturing their creativity.

You will be amazed by how intricate and complex these little minds are. Spend some quality time together and get into their imagination. Who doesn’t love swimming with mermaids and dolphins under the ice? Try it!

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Patience

Family adventure in Australian park with kids

We’ve all been on that one outing in which everyone has lost the plot. It might have been on the train home from the city, or at grandma’s birthday party, or whilst packing the car for a camping trip. Patience is the key to any successful adventure, especially when it involves family.

Keep priorities in perspective

Many people fail to prioritise exactly why they are going to the trouble of preparing for a certain event. Second to that, they may fail to adequately prepare for it. Are you taking the kids to a museum so that they can quietly walk around, or is there an interactive display that will actually educate them? Are you going for you or for them? Either option is fine, as long as everyone is clear on the expectations.

Keep calm and breathe

We are all aware that nowhere has the creature comforts of home. There really is no point in getting into a high stress situation and forgetting to be patient over something that would be minor if you were at home. Sometimes it’s easy for things to escalate and get heated when you’re out of your comfort zone, especially for kids. They feed off the emotions of their parents.

Take a holiday

Most of us work hard to achieve the goals that we set out in our lives. While having goals is important to many, we should not forget that we need our bodies to deliver. Taking a holiday or travelling with family members is a great way of ensuring that you reset your mind and body and take a break from your otherwise hectic schedule.

Don’t ruin the family outing!

Recently I had the very unfortunate experience of totally ruining a beautiful picnic with my kids simple because my mind was absent on other matters. They wanted to go exploring and I was trying to focus on an impending deadline. It left me cranky and intolerant of everything they said and did. By the time we got back in the car and I saw their sad little faces in the rearview mirror, I realised what I had done and it wasn’t fair on anyone, least of all them. Family time should be about family and treasuring each other.

For family friendly outing ideas visit

Load up the car, it’s travelling time!

Who doesn’t love travelling with kids? It’s so exciting throwing them in the back of the car and strapping them in for 8 hours of rolling hills, thousands of cows, millions of power poles and a very long game of eye-spy. Sorry myhappy kids in car, family travel enthusiasm sort of waned at the end there didn’t it. These are the common first thoughts when you discuss travelling with the kids, but if you’ve done it more than once then you’ve probably got a decent idea what to expect.

I’ve got a friend who’s eldest child loves to travel; car, train, plane, anything, he loves it all and always has. Yet his younger twins were the total opposite. Even a short trip from Sydney to Canberra were torture. They constantly wriggled and annoyed each other and it was draining on everyone in the car. The family flew to Fiji and the twins tagged-team as to which one hated it more. My friend and her husband vowed to never take those two younger ones on a plane ever again. Then the weirdest thing happened, the twins turned four and were suddenly awesome travellers. In the space of a couple of months the family drove from Sydney to Brisbane and back twice without a single altercation from the back seat.

What had changed in that time? Mum & Dad learnt how to prepare for travelling with a hoard!

Here are my friends’ top tips for travelling with kids for longer than 2 hours,

  • Individual lunchboxes filled with what each kid likes (tedious to prepare but worth it)
  • At least one activity book per child with a small selection of crayons
  • A comforting toy from home to ease potential anxiety
  • 1-2 small interactive toys per child. Like a barbie/figurine (minus annoying shoes) or 2 matchbox cars or a rubix cube
  • For longer trips and ipad/tablet or headrest dvd players


  • One good sixe backpack for all their “stuff” to fit in. Therefore, they are responsible for keeping it all together and somewhat organised back there.

You know your kids better than anyone so it is important to listen to your own intuition when sorting out the travel arrangements. There’s no need to take a whole toy box along because kids are going to want to explore their new surroundings. You’ll also want to engage on the journey like our parents did with us. You can play good ‘ol eye-spy, or the game where you make a sentence out of the number plate of the car in front of you. Long road trips can be a marvellous opportunity to explore the creativity of your little ones.

Now pack up the car and go explore. But first, share with us your top tips for traveling with kids.

Jimmy Giggle Interview on becoming a dad

We recently caught up with Jimmy Rees (aka Jimmy Giggle from Giggle & Hoot) and spoke to him on his first thoughts on finding out he’s going to be a dad.

Congratulations to you and Mrs Giggle on the news of a Giggle junior, it’s all very exciting and we know you will make a fantastic dad.

WO4: Do you think Giggle Junior will follow in the footsteps of dad and become a Essendon fan?
JR: For sure, I will be showering him/her with red and black for many birthdays to come.

WO4: Have you got any names picked out yet?
JR: We had a few but we are not to sure on them anymore. If it was left to me it would be decided at the last minute, luckily I have an organised wife! The thinking continues.

WO4: As we are big advocates of the importance of having your little one experience activities from birth, we’d love to know what you have in mind for Giggle Junior’s first classes?
JR: Mum took me to all sorts of different activities when I was a bub so we are keen to continue that. I went to music, swimming and gym to name a few.

WO4: Do you think Hoot and Hootabelle will make great babysitters?
JR: As long as they don’t try and feed the little one worm flavoured milkshakes, EWWWW!

WO4: Have you been learning how to change nappies yet?
JR: Haven’t been to nappy bootcamp yet. I have a 5 month old nephew though so I will have to get some practice in before April.

WO4: Will Giggle Junior make a guest appearance on the show?
JR: That’s a question for the producers, perhaps a segment called, Jimmy Giggle’s nappy bootcamp. haha!!

WO4: Do they make hoot PJ’s that small?
JR: I think they start at size 1, perhaps I could pull a few strings and get some custom made for the lovely costume department at ABC.

WO4: Does Mrs Giggle have any pregnancy cravings as yet? If so what are they?
JR: She has been craving anything with milk, hot chocolates, cereal, or just glasses of milk which she wasn’t to fond of pre pregnancy. She also went through a phase of fried rice early on.

WO4: Are you going to find out if Giggle Junior is a boy or girl?
JR: At this stage we want to find out, yes.

WO4: We can’t wait to see you and your friends on tour around Australia and what’s in store for Giggle & Hoot for 2015.
JR: The tour is an excellent forum for us to get that audience reaction we miss in the studio so we love performing in all the different states. Giggle and Hoot looks like it will continue in the fashion it has done since its birth, continuing to add more bits and pieces to the show expanding where it can and of course MORE SONGS! Hoot Hoot!

WO4: As we are Australia’s number one destination to find out anything and everything for What’s On around Australia for your little one, school kids and kids parties we’d love to help you and Mrs Giggle fully informed of classes, activities, events, mums groups and much more.
JR: Awesome!!

Maya’s Story – When Childhood Begins with Cancer

The blog I’m sharing is a story close to home.  Like many of you my family has been affected by cancer.  Sadly it is a reality of today’s existence and despite all the progress we’ve made with early detection of cancer and treatment, thousands of people die every year in Australia. But no one could have ever guessed that a child could be born with cancer. An innocent that child that was yet to breathe their first breath. How can that happen? Why my niece? Here is my sister in laws story.

Maya’s Journey  (Through her mothers eyes)

Perfect pregnancy, 10 days overdue, safe caesarean, baby number two. 4kgs all pink and squished, another girl, just like we wished. Quick cuddle, swaddled tight, whisked off into the night. ‘Little lump’, special care, big blue eyes, so aware.

Ambulance transfer, MRI, sedition mistake, I start to cry. Transferred again, this time by plane, you’re 2 days old, this seems insane. Doctors everywhere, ICU, lots of scans and tests to do. 10 days old they operate, 4 days for results, the longest wait. The call comes, we are in shock, our baby born with cancer, mental block. Life spins out of control, another Op, this time a hickmans double luman in your chest they pop. Chemo starts, you’re three weeks old, 42 weeks to go, is what we’re told.

Rhabdomyosarcoma, alveolar they say, red luman, white luman, chemo, GCSF for 10 days. Injections by Daddy, you’re both so strong, for any parent this seems so wrong. 38degrees some thing’s not right, hospital, antibiotics, middle of the night. Heamaglobin low, fatigued and white, Blood transfusion to make you right. You are so accepting and so happy, you’ve been through so much, how can this be? Before touching you, we must be clean, washing our hands constantly in between. No ground for you, just pram and bassinet, no normal baby activities just yet. Actamycin, vincristine, cyclophosphamite, post hydration fluids pumping through your line all night. Bactrim 3 days a week and twice each day, to stop medical pneumonia is what they say. Central line is blocked and tight, bleeding from your chest, almighty fright. Another op, your right side now, you just bounce back, we wonder how.

Almost 3 months old, you’ve been through a lot, you’re loosing weight, a tiny tot. 5 months go by, you’re doing well, no more infection stories for us to tell. No more ops, but blood transfusions times three, your counts a low, but generally healthy. You’re very clever, waving hello to all, standing up, clapping and having a ball. We’ve hit week 40 and life is easier now, when you were born, I couldn’t of dreamt how. We are getting there, one day at a time, our little angel will do just fine.

(written about 3 months later)

Last time I wrote forty weeks of chemo had past, two weeks to go, of which we hoped was the last. Evaluation scan done and the results are all good, we celebrate like any family should. Our celebrations are short as that night when I get you ready for bed, I find a small lump below the right side of your head. Sleepless night and then into Canberra hospital we went, doctors think its a tumor so off to Sydney we are sent. An MRI to confirm, but not one there is two, cancerous tumors are back, why is this happening to you? Another operation but they can remove only one, the other is too dangerous, too much damage could be done. Your Grandma, aunts and uncles come to be close to you, mummy’s good friends from Darwin and your cousins too. Specialists are worried, your prognosis not good, we are given some options that parents never should. We were given a choice that we will never speak about, we took it all in, tears but no urge to shout. Radiation is harsh, lots if things could go wrong, just to get through it you would need to be strong. In the time between your operation and radiation is to start, another tumor appears, enough to break any ones heart. Your going down hill, the pain is quite bad, the biggest race against time that you’ve ever had. Radiation begins, its like instant relief, the pain seems to subside, its working is what we have to believe. Two sessions down and your doing great, lets hope its the same for the next twenty eight. A general anaesthetic each day, a mask covering your face, they put you to sleep while still in my embrace. It’s hard to hold you close and see you drift away, it will get easier with time is all that they say. Morning is radiation sessions, afternoon family fun, making the most of each day, so you can tell cancer who won. Six weeks of treatment, we all stayed together, we called Ronnie Macs home through all types of weather. There was sunny days of smiles and rainy days full of tears, dreams of the future and bleak days full of fear. We took respite at Bear Cottage, not too sure at first, they offer palliative care so we just thought the worst. But it was amazing, we could relax and rest, spend quality time as a family, do whatever we liked best. We took walks to the Corso and played in the sun, our meals all provided, no stress for anyone.

You turned one during treatment, we had two parties with friends, some travelled so far but that’s not where it ends. They bought bracelets so gorgeous on each of them is your name, they don’t even know each other but their gifts are the same. You wear them together, both on the same wrist. You love them so much, through your fingers they twist. Treatment winds up its Christmas in just a few days, the lights shining again we can see through the haze. Just after Christmas you started a new intensive protocol, for a moment cancer was winning, but you settled the score. You had another scan to see what the tumors have done, the scans are all clear, so this time you’ve won. Last innings has started, but this ones for show, as who will come out on top, we already know.

( Written 6 months later)

To my dearest Maya, This is the last chapter I’ve been longing to write, the one that wraps up your incredible fight. Over the last 6 months you have endured so much pain, stem cell harvesting, intensive Chemo then stem cells infused once again. Three days of VETOPEC each round, the drugs very toxic, only a few days at home every three weeks, as it made you so sick. Countless transfusions, platelets and blood, too many scary episodes, each an emotional flood. You lost your eyelashes, eyebrows and all of your hair, but amazingly your appetite was definitely there! You also never lost your smile, that cheeky little grin, the one that innocently drew everyone in. You missed your daddy and sister when we were away, so much time apart, but we spoke everyday. You fought so hard to be happy and never give in, like you knew all along you were going to win. We made so many great friends during our long hospital stays, we all supported each other as nights turned to days. So many children are fighting this horrible war, so many heartbreaking journeys behind the cancer ward doors. We are just so grateful for the battle you’ve won, but so much grief is felt for the angels this disease overcome. To make the most of our days is our pledge to you, to give you a life full of happiness and endless love too. To play and laugh, to run and to fall, to bathe and swim, you can now do it all. Thank you my princess for inspiration each day, you’ve changed our lives forever in the most positive way. But now its your turn to be a kid and have endless fun, as you cancer journey is over, well done baby you’ve won!

(latest update September 2013)

Maya has recently relapsed and it’s a very difficult time for us right now. Our journey continues and we hope for a miracle.


Warming Beautiful Souls created in honour of all children diagnosed with cancer. The warriors who are currently fighting, the survivors whose lives are forever changed and the brave little angels that have lost their battle.

Maya’s mum is asking people to knit, sew or crochet slippers, socks, beanies, hats, superman/supergirl capes, cardigans, throw rugs and any other comfort items for children of all ages, including babies, which will then be distributed directly to children during one of their many admission’s to hospital.

Our main goal is to bring a bit of happiness to children battling cancer, while evoking awareness of childhood cancer, which in turn will promote funding for research into cures for the many different kinds of childhood cancers. We also hope to promote awareness of the charities and foundations that provide support to families who have a child who has been diagnosed with cancer, through reviews, stories and photos on our page.

If you can knit or crochet please consider making something that will put a smile on a child with cancer’s face, for them to take with them during their treatment to make them feel more comfortable.

Buy your mum, dad, sister, brother, daughter, son, uncle, aunt, grandparent, neighbour, friend a ball or two of wool/yarn and ask them to help. Host a knitting ‘night in’ with your friends! Or better yet knit/crochet in public and when people ask what you’re doing tell them you’re making a child with cancer’s day a little brighter!

If you are part of a knitting club or another hobby group, maybe you could consider knitting for Warming Beautiful Souls for a week or two..? From the simplest of designs to cute fun designs, everything received will be greatly appreciated.

Items can be sent to:
Warming Beautiful Souls
C/O Natasha Maguire
Parcel Locker 10016 85369
54 Vicars Street
Mitchell ACT 2911

Please include your first name and suburb/town as items may be photographed and displayed on our page. Please advise if you would like your details withheld.

Thank you.

Appy Kids for the Holidays

School holidays can be definitely a time when boredom sets in and often the devices that parents own (end up being in the kids hands)!  Below is a table listing apps and their suitability, age bracket, price and platform. I have selected these apps based on their educational use and what I have reviewed for using in the classroom (as an educator myself). Both my children love mobile devices, yet can use them in two very different ways.

When looking for apps for kids to use, keep in mind that there are two types of apps. One category is purely content and the other is creative/tool based. Game based apps such as ‘Cut the Rope HD’ is teaching them about physics and this app is purely content. However ‘Creative Book Builder’ is a creative app and fantastic for keeping a journal for holidays/travelling overseas and then being able to share with friends and family.

There are various ‘app directories’ for both iOS and Android that will help guide you in choice of apps for your device. I also like supporting apps that are made by parents or teachers because of the educational value (and the content within them). Tech Coach HQ also specialises in teaching parents how to keep your children safe when playing on the device (both Android and iOS).

Top five tips for looking for apps:
1. Look at reviews of an app (just don’t buy it because your child wants it!)
2. Look at in-app purchases, is it really free or is there a hidden catch?
3. If you are concerned about buying apps, buy iTunes cards (for iOS devices) as a means of budgeting what you purchase for the device.
4. Go to for the app directories, and see what is recommended.
5. Finally, limit screen time. This app is perfect for this (Screen Time – Media Manager) and for Android (Screen Timer).
Don’t forget there are parental controls that you can implement on the device and you can restrict iTunes purchases (this is very important when a particular app is free, but there are in-app purchases and parents have been caught out).
For Further information about apps for your mobile device and other ‘techie things contact Megan Iemma at or

2Megan’s Bio: Technology Coach and “IT” girl Megan Iemma is a thought leader in the world of technology and its uses. An educator and technogeek, Megan combined her passions for education and technology and founded Tech Coach HQ working with businesses and their teams to improve processes and embrace the productivity technology has to offer.

Disney On Ice: Princess & Heroes

Disney On Ice is back again for 2013 and I recently attended the show with my two very excited little ones, Julius 4 and Charlotte 3 and my mum who quite honestly was equally as excited!

Growing up in the eighties, I have early and fond memories of Disney with my first cinema experience being the beautiful Bambi and my first theatre performance being Beauty & the Beast. Watching Julius and Charlotte transfixed by the dancers on the stage, waving with both hands to Mickey and Minney Mouse and calling out the princesses names was so much fun for me as a parent and something I will never forget.

Charlotte was keen to be dressed her favourite princess (Cinderella), which I’m glad she did as most girls were and she would have been very disappointed otherwise . Minnie Mouse says early on how beautiful everyone looks (which my daughter was thrilled about) but also comments that you don’t need to be dressed up to ‘feel like a princess’ which was lovely.

Ready and waiting!
Ready and waiting!

The ability of the skaters is amazing. There is something magical about seeing lifts, spins and jumps live on the ice. I also went to Disney On Ice last year and if possible this performance is even better!  The skating is flawless and each story is told one at a time so it like reading a chapter book.

Favourites for me were Be Our Guest performance from Beauty and the Beast and the seven dwarfs’ Heigh Ho fun and the songs from The Little Mermaid were a highlight!

Here are few question I got asked about the performance…

Qu:  Which princesses make an appearances?
The princesses appearing in the show include Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Tinkerbelle, Tiana & Cinderella.

Qu:  I see the performance is about princesses, would boys enjoy it?
Well all the princes are there as well and there is plently of drama with the dragon scene, but regardless of all that I think boys would be just as impressed with the music and skating.

Qu:  How long does it go for?
The nearly 2 hour show is split into two halves with a brief intermission between which is great to get the wriggles out of toddlers and for a toilet break.

Qu:  Are there scary parts for young children?
There is only one scene with a Dragon during Sleeping Beauty that may scare younger and sensitive children. I chose to take my daughter out during the scene as she had already the picture in the program and was quite scared.  My son on the other hand love it and still talks about it a week later!

Qu: Is it really loud?
Not so loud that children would find it over bearing.  Babies and children with sensitive hearing may find it loud though.

Qu:  How much are programs?
At the Brisbane performance were $22 and you also get a pink pretend rose.

Qu: Is it cold?
It’s not as cold as you would think with all that ice but dress in layers just in case.

This was such a fun family day out. I’m so grateful we were able to take part in promoting this show. Feld Entertainment definitely doesn’t disappoint! I highly recommend getting tickets and spending an enjoyable visit as a family to Disney on Ice when it visits a city near you!
Disney On Ice Logo
Tickets can be bought here
Elise Easdown

Who the heck is Bucky? I’m a stay at home dad…

Who the heck is Bucky?

BuckyBadge2I’m a 30 something stay at home dad from Melbourne. I’m addicted to salt & vinegar potato chips and TeeVee Snacks. I blog…I could leave it there but hey, I’m a blogger, I like to write. I’m dad to three girls – eight year old Bookworm, four year old Foghorn and 10 month old Boo. I’m husband to Quigs – founder of Baby Babble, Web Babble, and co-creator of three beautiful girls. I’m co-owner to Boags, a nine year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy) who thinks he owns the house. I live really close to my parents…I know I know, you immediately thought “Everybody Loves Raymond” (you did didn’t you?).

About a year ago I took a redundancy. Quigs was seven months pregnant at the time and rather than wallow in self-pity and self-doubt we treated the redundancy as an opportunity. And it genuinely was an opportunity. I was able to totally dedicate myself to my family at the time my wife needed it most. I was by my wife’s side throughout that last trimester of pregnancy. I was there to support Quigs through the birth and then with the difficult stages of breast feeding. Once we found our routines and life settled down a little, I donned the Baby Bjorn and the vacuum cleaner and became primary carer whilst Quigs finally had her long-awaited chance to dedicate herself to her business aspirations.

So what else can I tell you? Heaps! You just try and shut me up! I’m the Co-Founder of parenting blog, a parenting resource written by dads for dads. We write about everything from pregnancy loss, anxiety and domestic violence to tantrums, over-parenting, sex and snot. We also acknowledge one awesome Aussie Dad each year with our TackleNappy Dad of the Year Award. You can listen to our parenting radio show, The TackleNappy Show, on Funky Kids Radio each Sunday at 9pm EST.

I’m also the Co-Founder of Aussie Daddy Bloggers, an online community where dad bloggers work together and support one another in both blog and life. Check us out at .

As a SAHD I have plenty of frustrations as well as many wonderful experiences. As a long time supporter of What’s On 4, I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to share these with you, all from a blokes perspective. To get you started, here’s my two most recent articles – An Open Letter To A New Dad and Smiley Face Sticker Album Review. And don’t be shy, if you have a topic that you would like me to write about please leave a comment below.

David Goldstein (aka Bucky)

@Buckyg75, @Tacklenappy & @Daddy_Bloggers  [twitter]

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