I’m Elise Easdown and I joined the UK What’s on 4 team in mid-2010 as the Master Franchisee for AUSTRALIA!

In my pre-baby life I was a paediatric Occupational Therapist and Baby Massage Instructor and worked both in Australia and overseas in the Middle East.

Returning to Australia with my little one (now 2), I was surprised at how hard it was to find local groups and activities and an easy and cheap way to advertise my Baby Massage groups. I thought there must be an easier way!  After much research and investigation, I was led to the UK team What’s on 4.  I thought the sites were comprehensive, fun and innovative and I just knew I wanted to be part of it!

Sam was kind enough (I was pregnant with my second little one at the time) and insightful enough to give me the opportunity to bring her precious brand ‘What’s on 4’ ‘Down Under’. 

So here we are ready to launch in January 2011.

Currently Master 2 and I go to a structured music class, Toddler Time at the library, Play group and have fun at friends houses and of course the park.  I am looking forward to swimming lessons and gymnastics to burn off some of his energy next year and to escape some of the summer heat!  To find out more about our adventures check out my blog by clicking here.

Why not do a search of your local area and find out what you can join in with!

You may be very surprised to see What’s On 4 You!


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