What’s in the price of a ticket to a live performance?

Now that you’re all grown up with kids of your own, you are probably starting to understand Performances for little oneswhy your mum and dad couldn’t continually take you to every stage show that came out, or every Disney On Ice, or every Elmo Tour, or every Wiggle show. The costs are considerable for some of these productions, especially when you have more than one child and sometimes it can be hard to justify spending $70+ for one show for you 4yr old. Yet, being an adult means that you can better understand where your hard earned cash is probably going….

  • Children’s events usually have hundreds of children attend. Therefore, organisers need to spend big bucks to find a venue which has appropriate emergency exists, engaging lighting sequences, clear sound system, cast preparation areas, sufficient parking, allowances for multiple prams, the list goes on.
  • Event organisers have to ensure adequate security is on site. It is important that the attendees feel that they are protected throughout the event experience. Additional to these guys are the rest of the staff requires for the event to function. There will be merchandise sellers, ticket collectors, food and beverage staff, plus then all the people involved in the show directly like sound/lightening guys, producers, dressers and most importantly the actual cast.
  • Have you ever seen the grounds of a fair after the event is over? Plastic bottles, plastic cups, dagwood dog sticks, littering the place everywhere. Most likely, the grounds must be returned to the proprietors in the way that it was first rented. This will require cleaning crews with appropriate equipment for expedient and thorough services.
  • Event organisers also need to take care of any permits and public liability insurance. People would love to go to a place or event if they know that they are ensured since they have the rights to claim for compensation if anything happens to them.

It is really down to your family’s requirements and preferences. Perhaps just one or two big events per year will keep everyone smiling, or maybe it is an every school holidays thing. However often you take the kids out, make sure that you’re really present with them and enjoying the whole experience from their perspective. That in itself is priceless.

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