Gift ideas that aren’t toys

WO4 Christmas Non Toy Gift IdeasMy kids are truly blessed with lots of Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and close family friends. They also have Birthday’s close to Christmas. Often toys are played with for a few weeks and then forgotten. Well apart from the beloved Elsa (She will be around for a while I think).

With the lead up to Christmas, I have started receiving Christmas list requests from my family. With our playroom overflowing with toys I thought to myself “Can we really fit more toys in here?” It really doesn’t seem like it. Yes, of course the kids will receive some of their wish list items from Santa, but they really do not need much more.

This year we have put a few non toy gift ideas, “experience presents” on the kids’ wish list, instead of just tangible gifts. Here are a few items that I think the whole family will enjoy.

Season Passes

– Zoo
– Museum
– Water Park
– Local Pool
– Aquarium
– Theme Park/Amusement Park

One-Time Passes

– Bowling
– Swimming
– Theatre Performance
– Go see a sporting event
Disney On Ice
– Circus
– Ice Skating
– Roller Skating
– Mini Golf
– Concert
Experiences for Kids

– Bus ride to the city
– Train Ride
– Ice Cream Vouchers
– Special dinner out
– A Trip to the Fire Station
– A visit to a games arcade
– Go to sushi train for lunch
– Cooking lessons at the Grandparent’s house

Older Kids or Grown-Ups

– Hot Air Balloon Ride
– Helicopter Ride
– Trip to the Spa (Manicure/Pedicure, Massage, Facial, etc.)
– Rock Climbing
– Trip to Arcade
– High Tea experience
– Zookeeper for the Day Pass at a Local Zoo
– Gold Class Movie Tickets

Classes are great at increasing confidence, team skills, fine and gross motor skills and it can enhance kids creative abilities. Why not let the kids experienced something new? Others may prefer to encourage and foster an already existing passion.

Some popular classes include;

– Swimming lessons
– Baby Class eg: Baby Sensory classes
– Sports (Soccer, Football, Tennis, Netball, Rugby, Teeball, Golf)
– Gymnastics
– Dance
– Karate
– Musical Instrument
– Art or Craft Class
– Kids cooking classes
– Horseback riding lessons
Games and Puzzles
Games and puzzles are great activities for when kids have to be indoors. It’s a good practice to have individual quiet times during the day, and having a puzzle to sit and work on by themselves helps brain development and problem solving skills. Games teach a lot too! Some of our favourite games include: Snakes and Ladders, Connect 4 and Scrabble Soup. They help to cement math and problem solving skills. Memory Games are also great for younger children.

We get a lot of books from the library, but there are some that I just can’t find there, or it takes us longer to read through. We have read through the entire Fancy Nancy Collection, Roald Dahl collection and are now working our way through the Faraway Tree Series of books. It is great to pass on the books when the kids have outgrown them so more kids can enjoy the stories and there will be less clutter in your home.

Recipe and Ingredients.
Kids love cooking with their parents. Baking and cooking is a great way to spend time together and learn life skills. Print out a recipe, purchase all the ingredients and set a date for cooking together.

Crafting Date.
My daughter loves doing art and crafts. I do too! I really do enjoy the creative aspect. Crafting dates would be special one on one time with no iPhones or distractions. Plan some special crafts and pre-purchase the craft items so that you are ready to create. Online sites such as pinterest have some great craft ideas, or get out a book from your local library for inspiration.
Family Experiences

– A night(s) away at a local hotel (with a pool)
– A hotel with an indoor waterpark
– Farm Stay Experience
– Camping
– Road trip
– Give them travel/camping gear needed for the experience you’ll be gifting so that they have a physical item to unwrap

I am looking forward to enjoying these new experiences with the kids in the New Year. Not only will the kids have fun, these are the kinds of experiences that will create memories that last a lifetime.


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