Aussie Farmers Direct Review

I was contacted by What’s on 4 Little Ones Australia to see if I could  do a review of a box of fruit and vegetables by Aussie Farmers Direct – of course I said “yes please!”. I’ve actually looked at using these guys for a while now, but just never really gotten around to trying them, so it was a bit of the universe talking I think… so now onto the review…

The box was hand delivered straight to my front door, and it was delivered in the morning, which was great as I was heading off to work that day. I quickly opened it, and everything looked really fresh and clean so I was looking forward to getting home from work that day to properly check it out.


So of course the first thing I did when I got home was wash everything and pack it in the fridge. I used some of the potatoes that night for bangers and mash we were having and they were great. They cooked up nicely and all of them were in great condition.


Over the course of the week we ate what else was in the box, and everything stayed really fresh over the week. There wasn’t one single thing I had to throw out due to bruising, or freshness, it was all really yummy. I had to ask on my facebook page however what these were (photo below) as I’d never seen them before, and they weren’t listed on the itemized list of goodies I’d received from Aussie Farmers. They are called persimmon, and are a fruit (but I’m sure you may already know that). We had a try but sadly we didn’t go much on them, but it was nice to try something new, and I learnt something new that day too 🙂


We eat a lot of fruit and veg, and the box lasted us for a week (2 adults, 2 children) so I was pretty happy with that. I also managed to cook up this massive vegetarian lasagne.

Overall I would give Aussie Farmers a big thumbs up and I will definitely be doing my fruit and veg order through them from now on.   Check them out at

Thank you for the opportunity to complete this review.

Joanne from Sistermixin’


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