Healthy lunch box ideas that are easy to make, written by a normal everyday mum of two.

My name is Jo and I’m just a normal everyday Mum with two little ones.  I run a blog and facebook page called Thermolicious Food where I post recipes to suit normal, everyday families.  I don’t cook two meals, so my cooking must suit adults and children.  Although I use a Thermomix for most of my cooking, you will be able to make the recipes below without one 🙂

For the month of January I’m posting a daily lunch box tip, and a daily lunch box recipe on my facebook page so when Elise, the MD of What’s on 4 asked if I would like to share a few I was honoured.

So here’s my top 10 recipes:-

1. LCM Bars – completely additive and preservative free!


2. Milo Slice – using Thermomix Milo. If you don’t have a Thermomix don’t worry, you can use bought milo and follow the recipe for the slice.  Milo does contain additives but if you don’t mind using it then go right ahead 🙂


3.  Real ‘deli’ chicken.  This is a failsafe recipe and is perfect for children (or adults) or doesn’t tolerate additives and preservatives very well.


4. Guilt free chocolate balls.  You will need a good quality blender for this if you don’t have a thermomix.  My 3 year old daughter cant stop eating these.


5. Spelt cupcakes.  I have also put in a handful of frozen raspberries at the end and mixed them through to make delicious raspberry cupcakes.  For non-theremomixers simply beat your butter and sugar until fluffy, then add eggs mixing until combined.  Add all other ingredients and mix until just combined.  DONT overbeat this mixture.


6. Orange and date muffins.  These are GF, DF and sugar free and they are YUM!  If you don’t have a thermomix, use a good quality blender.  You may need to blend a little longer then the recipe says.


7.  Melon/fruit balls.  They are fun and inviting!  Put them on a kebab stick to make them even more fun (but maybe not so safe for school) and I’m sure they will be gobbled down.  To make these you’ll only need a melon ball tool, you can get these from kitchen stores.


8. Chia pizza scrolls.  For non thermomix owners, make a pizza dough and then follow the recipe as per the link 🙂


9. GF Choc chip cookies.  If you don’t have a thermomix purchase some almond mill and mix it by hand.

choc chip cookies

10. Sushi.  For non thermomixers follow the recipes on a packet of Sushi rice and nori sheets.


All of these recipes apart from the sushi and fruit balls freeze well.  I wrap them in individual portions and freeze them so when it comes time to making lunches half of the hard work is already done.

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Jo x


Pinterest Parent

Before I start this blog I want to be really clear on something … I am NOT a pinterest parent.

I have tons of friends who are, in fact way to many, and if I am brutally honest, I am not what I would call a “hands on” mum either – the idea of arts and crafts makes me shudder!

However, I also suffer from the lovely mummy guilt when I look at all my friends who do lovely craft projects with their kids, or they post on Facebook the latest recipe they cooked with little johnnie … and I will freely admit it is Mummy Guilt that lead me to events leading up to this blog!

With Christmas break up season upon us, both my children had class parties coming up – now my idea of providing something for these events is normally to buy a bunch of Woolworths cupcakes, bring them home and plate them up, chuck a bit of gladwrap on them and hope that they maybe pass for homemade!! (I am hoping I am not the only person that does this!!)

However one of those said Pinterest Parents friends of mine had been posting on Facebook this week about all the crafty and cooking she was doing, and I admit in a moment of weakness, I showed the Strawberry Santa’s to Cal and said

“How about I make them for you to take this week” …

His shocked look and smirk should have been the warning bells I needed, instead they just drove me on “Yep it will be great”, I said determined “You can take these!”

Insert some time Googling checking out all the awesome pictures, checked out the Coles Blog with the Youtube Video and I was already in visioning the look of admiration from the kids in their classes as they walked in with these plates of Strawberry Santas from their amazing mother!

So on my first trip to Coles, I picked up the ingredients

–       Punnets of Strawberries

–       125g Cream Cheese

–       2 tbsp Icing Sugar

–       ½ tsp Vanilla Essence

–       Mini chocolate buds for eyes

Now, just prove that I really have no idea what I am doing, let me clarify – when they say Cream Cheese you need a block of cream cheese NOT the cream cheese for cooking that I grabbed the first time! (note here – there is no amount of icing sugar that can thicken up cream cheese for cooking – well if there is, it is more than the whole packet that I dumped in trying to thicken it!)

So being the creative person that I am (and not yet realizing my error on the cream cheese) I thought for a minute about what else might work to create my masterpieces!

So still full of hope and determination, I headed back to Coles and purchased some of the canned whipped cream.

Now to say it didn’t work is a little bit of an understatement …

joni nailed it




The merriment, delight and out and out laughter of my friends reaction to this post should have done me in, however I was determined … I am a good Mum, I am a successful business women, I run my own company … surely I can manage some stupid strawberries and a bit of filling!!!!

It was at this point that my husband (whom I should add does a good 90% of the cooking in our household) started to intervene and pointed out to me the error in my cream cheese choices!

So back to Coles again I went … my Facebook messages going a little crazy at the time with well wishes (read here – continued laughter) from my friends.  I retuned home with the correct cream cheese and a piping bag.

Things work remarkable well when you have the right ingredients is the lesson here

Photo of Finished product

My tips on the piping bag for the Santa’s is use a open circle rather than the

squil-ly ones (yes those are the technical terms!) like I did, I think it would look better.

And we learnt as we went along to cut the strawberry hats on the smaller side as they stayed on better!

The buttons were just beyond my skill level, but I think we covered that nicely with a line along the front.

I guess to quote a Mastercard add

Cost of Ingredients $54.17 (after three trip to the shops)

Hair dye required to cover greys after this experience – $180

Look on my daughters face taking them to school – PRICELESS



The response to the posts on What’s On 4 was nothing short of amazing, I was literally laughing out loud at some of the comments, and loved that others jumped on board to share their failures too.

We might not all be Pinterest Parents, but what I learnt is that my kids really didn’t care what they look liked (in fact they loved eating the disastrous ones along the way), but my Mummy Guilt subsided for just a minute as Ms P came and gave me a big hug and said “Mummy, they are great. Thank you for making them with me”

Maybe there is hope for me yet!