Hi 5 House Party!!!

Hi 5 fever has hit our house!

Hi 5 muscles

My son Thomas and I recently had the privilege of attending a rehearsal and meet and greet with Hi 5 in the lead up to their tour ‘Hi 5 House Party’.

The Hi 5 House Party Tour will introduce fans to new members Ainsley, Dayen and Mary, who will join Stevie and Lauren on stage for the first time the 5 have performed together in Australia. Performing songs new and old, the tour is sure to delight the young Hi 5 fans!

It is obvious from observing the 5 together that they have a real rapport with each other and absolutely love what they do. Stevie says “on and off stage, we respect each other and genuinely enjoy each other’s company”. This certainly translates on stage.

Not only do the Hi 5 cast members have a great rapport with each other but the connections they make with the children are completely sincere. As soon as we entered the studio, Stevie came over and introduced himself to Thomas and had a chat with him. Before we left, Ainsley took Thomas around to show him the set and Lauren and Thomas discovered they have the same amount of letters in their names! It was very special.

Having a chat to Hi 5!
Having a chat to Hi 5!

When asked what they enjoyed most about performing live, Lauren responded that she enjoys ‘being able to focus on a child who is quite shy and reserved in the audience and give them a smile and a wink and hopefully help them to enjoy the show”. Stevie pointed out that this is “often the first time that children have been to a theatre and we want them to have a positive experience that they will be able to carry throughout their lives”.

What will we see in the Hi 5 House Party Tour?

Most of that you will have to wait and see, but we can tell you that as well as all the colour and fun that are synonymous with Hi 5, you will see Stevie performing the limbo (Thomas has been singing ‘how low can you go’ all week) and newcomer Ainsley tap dancing!

Hi 5 limbo

The Hi 5 House Party tour kicks off in Victoria on the 1st November! If you have the opportunity to go along and see the show, make sure you do. You won’t be disappointed!

Hi 5 Group Official


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