Appy Kids for the Holidays

School holidays can be definitely a time when boredom sets in and often the devices that parents own (end up being in the kids hands)!  Below is a table listing apps and their suitability, age bracket, price and platform. I have selected these apps based on their educational use and what I have reviewed for using in the classroom (as an educator myself). Both my children love mobile devices, yet can use them in two very different ways.

When looking for apps for kids to use, keep in mind that there are two types of apps. One category is purely content and the other is creative/tool based. Game based apps such as ‘Cut the Rope HD’ is teaching them about physics and this app is purely content. However ‘Creative Book Builder’ is a creative app and fantastic for keeping a journal for holidays/travelling overseas and then being able to share with friends and family.

There are various ‘app directories’ for both iOS and Android that will help guide you in choice of apps for your device. I also like supporting apps that are made by parents or teachers because of the educational value (and the content within them). Tech Coach HQ also specialises in teaching parents how to keep your children safe when playing on the device (both Android and iOS).

Top five tips for looking for apps:
1. Look at reviews of an app (just don’t buy it because your child wants it!)
2. Look at in-app purchases, is it really free or is there a hidden catch?
3. If you are concerned about buying apps, buy iTunes cards (for iOS devices) as a means of budgeting what you purchase for the device.
4. Go to for the app directories, and see what is recommended.
5. Finally, limit screen time. This app is perfect for this (Screen Time – Media Manager) and for Android (Screen Timer).
Don’t forget there are parental controls that you can implement on the device and you can restrict iTunes purchases (this is very important when a particular app is free, but there are in-app purchases and parents have been caught out).
For Further information about apps for your mobile device and other ‘techie things contact Megan Iemma at or

2Megan’s Bio: Technology Coach and “IT” girl Megan Iemma is a thought leader in the world of technology and its uses. An educator and technogeek, Megan combined her passions for education and technology and founded Tech Coach HQ working with businesses and their teams to improve processes and embrace the productivity technology has to offer.


One thought on “Appy Kids for the Holidays

  1. Amanda September 29, 2013 / 11:52 pm

    Thank you Megan, this is extremely helpful with 3/4 continually getting their hands on my phone, tablet and desktop!


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