Fairy Garden Mask

My son saw this on television and wanted to make one. I am not sure what show it was so I can’t give full credit here but if anyone knows please feel free to let us know! I’m also not sure why it’s called a ‘Fairy Garden’ Mask but that’s what he called it so I went with it.

We don’t really get into those gender specific roles in our house. My son loves pink and glitter and lots of things ‘girly’. We know it’s part of him exploring his world around him and we are ok with that.

The weather in Sydney is starting to get a bit warmer so it’s been lovely to spend a bit of time out in the Winter sun. This is the perfect activity to do whilst enjoying the great outdoors and can lead to a fun ‘hide and seek’ game at the end :-).

fairygardenmask supplies

You will need:

Paper Plate






Basket or container to collect leaves/flowers

What to do:

1. (Adult) Cut holes for eyes and nose in the paper plate and attach elastic to the mask.

2. Take your child on a walk around the garden and collect leaves and flowers for the mask. This can be a lovely time to ‘smell the roses’, listen to the sounds in the environment and talk about what you see along the way :-).

3. Let your child create their fairy garden mask using the leaves, flowers and glitter.


Do you see a ‘fairy’ in my garden???

fairy garden mask


One thought on “Fairy Garden Mask

  1. Zooba September 24, 2013 / 1:17 pm

    What a great craft idea! My children love craft, and this is a great way for them to do some backyard exploring. Great for creativity and imagination.


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