Disney On Ice: Princess & Heroes

Disney On Ice is back again for 2013 and I recently attended the show with my two very excited little ones, Julius 4 and Charlotte 3 and my mum who quite honestly was equally as excited!

Growing up in the eighties, I have early and fond memories of Disney with my first cinema experience being the beautiful Bambi and my first theatre performance being Beauty & the Beast. Watching Julius and Charlotte transfixed by the dancers on the stage, waving with both hands to Mickey and Minney Mouse and calling out the princesses names was so much fun for me as a parent and something I will never forget.

Charlotte was keen to be dressed her favourite princess (Cinderella), which I’m glad she did as most girls were and she would have been very disappointed otherwise . Minnie Mouse says early on how beautiful everyone looks (which my daughter was thrilled about) but also comments that you don’t need to be dressed up to ‘feel like a princess’ which was lovely.

Ready and waiting!
Ready and waiting!

The ability of the skaters is amazing. There is something magical about seeing lifts, spins and jumps live on the ice. I also went to Disney On Ice last year and if possible this performance is even better!  The skating is flawless and each story is told one at a time so it like reading a chapter book.

Favourites for me were Be Our Guest performance from Beauty and the Beast and the seven dwarfs’ Heigh Ho fun and the songs from The Little Mermaid were a highlight!

Here are few question I got asked about the performance…

Qu:  Which princesses make an appearances?
The princesses appearing in the show include Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Tinkerbelle, Tiana & Cinderella.

Qu:  I see the performance is about princesses, would boys enjoy it?
Well all the princes are there as well and there is plently of drama with the dragon scene, but regardless of all that I think boys would be just as impressed with the music and skating.

Qu:  How long does it go for?
The nearly 2 hour show is split into two halves with a brief intermission between which is great to get the wriggles out of toddlers and for a toilet break.

Qu:  Are there scary parts for young children?
There is only one scene with a Dragon during Sleeping Beauty that may scare younger and sensitive children. I chose to take my daughter out during the scene as she had already the picture in the program and was quite scared.  My son on the other hand love it and still talks about it a week later!

Qu: Is it really loud?
Not so loud that children would find it over bearing.  Babies and children with sensitive hearing may find it loud though.

Qu:  How much are programs?
At the Brisbane performance were $22 and you also get a pink pretend rose.

Qu: Is it cold?
It’s not as cold as you would think with all that ice but dress in layers just in case.

This was such a fun family day out. I’m so grateful we were able to take part in promoting this show. Feld Entertainment definitely doesn’t disappoint! I highly recommend getting tickets and spending an enjoyable visit as a family to Disney on Ice when it visits a city near you!
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Elise Easdown