Ten Pin Bowling

Do you love ten pin bowling or looking for an activity to do when the skies are grey? This simple craft activity needs only a few craft supplies and one super cute printable.

make your own ten pin bowling set


You will need

What You need Toilet Paper Roll Bowling


4 thick paper rolls

1 set Imogen’s Angels Ten Pin Printables

1 white piece of card for the printable

A printer

Double sided tape or glue

Approx. ½ cup rice per roll

A funnel or a simple one made from a piece of paper and sticky tape.

Sticky tape

Coloured card


Textas, coloured pencils or crayons

A soft ball

Step 1.  Print the printable, gather the supplies. Cut the rolls to approx. 10 cms. (Tip. You can make cutting the roll easier by squashing them in half and then reforming them back into cylinders afterwards).

Step 2. Colour, Colour, Colour.

busy boy toilet paper roll bowling

Step 3. Adult – Cut out.

Step 4. On the piece of coloured card, place the end of the roll. Trace around. Cut out. Apply stick tape cross ways, you will need four pieces {see picture below}

Steps toilet paper toll bowling

Step 5. Turnover and funnel the rice into the open end.

Step 6. Repeat step 4 to the other end.

Step 7. Apply double sided tape or glue to the side of the roll.

steps toilet paper roll bowling

Step 8. Firmly press the cut out ten pins onto the tape or glue.

Step 9. Play! Find a safe ball for inside play and see who can bowl over the most pins.

Tips. Colour each pin a different colour and get your little one to aim for a certain colour. Fun and learning colours! I added a little piece of washi tape around the end of each roll to secure the other tape from being taken off by my inquisitive 2 year old.

Playing with the bowling pins

Love, Light and Bowling them over,

Fiona x

Looking for more kid’s craft activities – http://www.imogensangels.com.au



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