Who the heck is Bucky? I’m a stay at home dad…

Who the heck is Bucky?

BuckyBadge2I’m a 30 something stay at home dad from Melbourne. I’m addicted to salt & vinegar potato chips and TeeVee Snacks. I blog…I could leave it there but hey, I’m a blogger, I like to write. I’m dad to three girls – eight year old Bookworm, four year old Foghorn and 10 month old Boo. I’m husband to Quigs – founder of Baby Babble, Web Babble, and co-creator of three beautiful girls. I’m co-owner to Boags, a nine year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy) who thinks he owns the house. I live really close to my parents…I know I know, you immediately thought “Everybody Loves Raymond” (you did didn’t you?).

About a year ago I took a redundancy. Quigs was seven months pregnant at the time and rather than wallow in self-pity and self-doubt we treated the redundancy as an opportunity. And it genuinely was an opportunity. I was able to totally dedicate myself to my family at the time my wife needed it most. I was by my wife’s side throughout that last trimester of pregnancy. I was there to support Quigs through the birth and then with the difficult stages of breast feeding. Once we found our routines and life settled down a little, I donned the Baby Bjorn and the vacuum cleaner and became primary carer whilst Quigs finally had her long-awaited chance to dedicate herself to her business aspirations.

So what else can I tell you? Heaps! You just try and shut me up! I’m the Co-Founder of parenting blog TackleNappy.com, a parenting resource written by dads for dads. We write about everything from pregnancy loss, anxiety and domestic violence to tantrums, over-parenting, sex and snot. We also acknowledge one awesome Aussie Dad each year with our TackleNappy Dad of the Year Award. You can listen to our parenting radio show, The TackleNappy Show, on Funky Kids Radio each Sunday at 9pm EST.

I’m also the Co-Founder of Aussie Daddy Bloggers, an online community where dad bloggers work together and support one another in both blog and life. Check us out at daddybloggers.com.au .

As a SAHD I have plenty of frustrations as well as many wonderful experiences. As a long time supporter of What’s On 4, I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to share these with you, all from a blokes perspective. To get you started, here’s my two most recent articles – An Open Letter To A New Dad and Smiley Face Sticker Album Review. And don’t be shy, if you have a topic that you would like me to write about please leave a comment below.

David Goldstein (aka Bucky)

@Buckyg75, @Tacklenappy & @Daddy_Bloggers  [twitter]

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One thought on “Who the heck is Bucky? I’m a stay at home dad…

  1. Eli T. Wade June 29, 2013 / 1:26 am

    Although I know that many dads are “ working earnestly to be taken seriously as parents and sometimes can’t afford senses of humor about it ,” I’m a dad who wouldn’t enjoy this world all that much if I couldn’t find humor in parenting.


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