A legacy through craft

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Ever since I was small I have been surrounded by craft. My whole family has a creative flair, my grandma could whip up a baby’s first cardigan in one afternoon, my mum is a master at any craft or art activity and my dad enjoyed spending afternoons surrounded by wood chips creating creations on his wood lathe.

My sister, brother and I, spent our childhoods immersed in craft and arts. We made cubbies from reams of fabric, wore clothes made by my mum, entered our creative craft in the local show and began our working career at our parent’s craft supply shop.

To us crafting and art was never daunting, we were never afraid to try our hand at any craft that was offered. Our mum’s positive encouragement helped us learn to love exploring our creative side. From this upbringing it’s no surprise that we have all selected careers or hobbies that involve our creative flair.

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When I became a mum at only 19, I made outfits for my first love, a little boy. It was great to be able to customise an outfit just for him. As the years past, work and being a mum absorbed my creative time.
I then became a mum again to the most beautiful, happy girl, Imogen. By then my big boy was attending school. Imogen and I would spend our day’s finger painting, gluing and glittering. By age 2 Imogen had her own art desk in her room, filled with pens, textas, glitter and foam shapes. The other parents at playgroup thought I was crazy, but because Imogen had spent her life surrounded by craft she never created messy or wall murals from her art supplies.

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Then suddenly at the end of February 2007, our whirlwind of craft and love stopped still.  At age 2 Imogen was diagnosed with a childhood cancer. She began treatment immediately and developed a crafting fetish for hospital tape, which she would wrap over and over itself into sticky tape creatures. Imogen spent the next three years, honing her craft abilities from bags packed with craft supplies while attending hospital appointments and long isolated stays in. Crafting was her sanctuary away from the beast named cancer. Five days after her 6th birthday, she laid down her textas and took her last breathe wrapped in our arms.

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My first year of grief flew and then in my second year, I knew I wanted to create something to connect and remember my crafty girl. In 2011 Imogen’s Angels was born, it first began with personalised Christmas ornaments which then lead to the beginning of the blog. It was there I began to feel connected to my girl Imogen again. I now also had two extra crafting sidekicks, two little boys. Now on the blog, the boys and I share our craft activities, including free printables, and sell via our online shop, original and fun kid’s craft kits.

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Recently I became connected with what’s on for little ones, through my annual ‘Princess Ladybird’ fundraiser which in memory of Imogen, aims to raise funds and awareness for Make-A-Wish Australia. I am happy to share that I will now also be blogging even more craft activities and printables here on the What’s On 4 Little Ones page.

I do hope you will join us and help connect your children with the joys that craft, can and will bring to you both!

Love, light and laughter

Fiona Holmes

Imogen’s Angels: A celebration of love and laughter. It begins with a sprinkle of glitter, a dab of glue, a piece of sticky tape, bursts of colour and little fingers weaving craft magic. Immerse your kids in craft with our original and creative bright, colourful, fun, easy to use craft kits that are available to purchase on-line and at a range of different outlets.  We’re sure they’ll be captivated! We can be founded crafting surrounded by Imogen’s love at www.imogensangels.com.au


One thought on “ A legacy through craft

  1. Miriam Stephenson June 24, 2013 / 11:06 am

    In my second year of grieving I wanted to find something to help me stay connected to Imogen. As Imogen was passionate about craft, I knew it would be something focused around that area. I began making and selling personalised Christmas ornaments. When added the blog to the mix I started to feel more connected to Imogen. On the blog, Imogen’s two little brothers and I share a wide variety of craft tutorials and free printables, we also back this up with our original creative craft kits in our online shop.


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