Rocky Road – the perfect Fathers Day treat

My husband is the biggest sweet tooth so for Fathers Day my little one and I made him Rocky Road.  We also had enough to bag up some to take to my dad’s house tomorrow (aka Poppy).

There are many variations, but mine is really easy, and really yummy.

You’ll need:

2 x blocks of milk cooking chocolate (any brand)

1 x block or packet of good quality milk cooking chocolate

4 x bars of turkish delight

1 x cup of non salted peanuts

1 x cup of chopped marshmallows

1. Cut up turkish delights into small pieces (about 1cm x 1cm)

2. Melt chocolate but be sure to not overheat the chocolate or it will burn.  You need to take it of head immediately, as soon as its melted. (please refer to for instructions)

3. Mix in all other ingredients

4. Poor into tin and place into fridge to set (takes about 20 minutes)

5. Cut into pieces and enjoy!


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