Disney on Ice – Let’s Celebrate! Review

Recently I went with my 3 ½ year old son and almost 2-year-old daughter to see the much-awaited Disney On Ice Let’s Celebrate.  Disney is a classic and an old favourite of mine; it brings back many childhood memories so I had quite high expectations going to see this performance.

The performance is a range of different kinds of fun celebrations. From birthdays, to summer vacation, to Christmas and in between; Mickey Mouse and the gang covers it all.  I did wish the section on Halloween were a little shorter as my two little ones were quite afraid of all the ghosts, skeletons and evil characters that appeared with that section.

To give you some background, my 3 year old doesn’t like live performances, which is a real shame. He finds the music too loud and finds the whole unpredictability of a live performance too overwhelming.  He doesn’t cry or run away, he just retreats and goes very quiet and just stares vacantly.  I hope Mickey didn’t notice…

Highlights were the birthday party with Alice in Wonderland, seeing Mickey Mouse in China, and the gang from Toy Story. Personally, I really enjoyed seeing all the Disney princesses from Snow White to Ariel.

It was a very bright and colorful performance and the music was very fun. The skating looked effortless and faultless.

It did get a little chilly throughout the performance but we were rugged up before we went so it was no big deal.

There are programs available for $22 (Brisbane) and there was a huge range of merchandise including stuffed toys, electronic glow lights and food (pop corn, fairy floss) and hot food.

At the end, the children can go and shake hands with the Disney characters but you have to be quick!

The performance goes for approximately 1 hour 45min with a 15 minute interlude.

Details on tickets can be found in our directory www.whatson4littleones.com.au

The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way. Other opinions may vary. I received tickets to the show from PR Edge Entertainment for posting this information.