Mama Chat – The 1st Birthday.

There is something so very special about 1st birthdays.  I have found even more so for my second child.

We have had a rough 12 months with Miss C.  She seemed to catch every cold and infection within a 20km radius and as you would know with little ones a typical 4 day cold can go on for weeks!  And weeks.

As a result we have had many sleepless nights try to soothe her to sleep assuring her that although he feels like she is choking on phlegm everything is going to be okay.  We have had mad dashers to the hospital with high temperatures and difficulty breathing and seen naturopaths and specialists.  We even have the whole collection of the antibiotic promotional teddy bears from our local pharmacy!

So when July rolled around this year we wanted to make her birthday really special.

As the director of I am constantly looking at the amazing possibilities these days for children birthday parties.  Parents across Australia are enjoying been able to express their creative side through their childrens parties, which means they are so much fun for young and old.  This doesn’t mean having to spend heaps of money either.  Our new Kids parties’ blogger, Shelley from Brisbane, will be giving more ideas in her blog  on how to keep parties to a budget and can be found here.

Given miss C’s birthday falls in winter I decided to do a Winter theme which worked in nicely with the play on words “winter One-derland”.  I made the invitations out of ice blue card and painted a snowflake with shimmer for detail.

To create the winter look I found a template online for snow flakes and cut out hundreds to scatter on the window.  I had glued glitter on them as well but you couldn’t actually see it in the daylight.  This would make a great craft activity with your littlies and required very little cutting

I also found some 3D shaped snowflakes and organised some helium balloons in soft pink, ice blue and a gorgeous snowflake design.  Sara at Pom Pom princess sent me these gorgeous pompoms, which really completed the look and they will look great in my daughter’s bedroom when the party is over.  They come flat packed, beautifully packaged and you fluff them yourself which is really easy.  I can’t help think are these the new balloons?

So on the food side of things and this is where I have to thank my mum. We had a lunch and my mum made majority of the food, which included homegrown pumpkin soup, home made sausage rolls, zucchini slice and cob loaf dips.  On the sweeter side of things we made coconut ice, chocolate fondue with fruit, cupcakes with white frosting, meringues, tea cups biscuits, and donna hay’s choc brownies – Yum!

Then of course there was a cake.

I usually love making my children’s cakes but this year I had to make the decision that in order for me to be ‘sane’ for the birthday party I had best out source this one and I am glad that I did.  I used the services of Eileen from Cake Fanatic a local cake decorator to me who can be found in the directory here who made a gorgeous penguin (Pingu inspired) cake complete with an igloo, pond and penguin on skates.   The cake was the most delicious butter cake with cream filling and a pink swirl for effect. It was so yummy that every one had a piece because it looked so good though they were all stuffed from the party food!

Naturally the day you plan a winter birthday party you end up with a sunny day!  This was great for the kids though to get outside and burn off some sugar-induced energy by kicking balls around.  My husband also kept them entertained for a about 10 minutes by making ‘snow’.

We finished off outside by making hot chocolate from Lindt choc flakes and marshmallows and putting them in polystyrene cups (from Reject shop) which the kids loved drinking from, prevented spills and potential burns to little ones.

Bubbles are also a hit with children off all ages and these wands are fun and cheap from Big W $1 each.

Overall it was a huge success and not stressful which can easily happen with children’s birthday parties.  I contribute this to some outsourcing.  Not having to make the cake the week before hand made a notable difference, though I did miss playing with fondant…

Next year!

Happy Birthday Miss C.



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