Mama Chat – Easter memories…

I cracked open my first Easter egg last night.

I am not actually a big chocolate fan but it was a good quality chocolate one and I was tired and it was Friday night.

Enough said.

It reminded me that this year, Easter is going to be quite special as it will be Miss 9 months first Easter and given Master 2’s love of chocolate and love of playing hide and seek, he has all the pre-requisites needed to be part of a major Easter egg hunt!

I don’t mind the old Easter egg hunt myself actually and come to think of it my husband and I usually have a little ‘who can find the most eggs’ comp each year ourselves.  This year will be a little different though as we will be up against a quick and agile 2 year old who would have no problem in leaving his parents for dust to get the little colourful eggs into his basket.

But moving on from chocolate… How about the choice of hot cross buns available these days!?!  If it’s not bad enough they were brought out into the supermarkets in January we now have to decide between big ones, small ones, fruit ones, no fruit, fruit but no peel, gluten free, chocolate chip, fruity, hot cross muffins and low fat ones!

I like to be a bit traditional and stick to things that remind me of my childhood. We will be going to Church, putting carrots out and making pancakes for breakfast.

I love the idea of been crafty and decorating eggs, making an Easter bonnet, making chocolate eggs from scratch but my love for doing these sorts of things doesn’t really translate into being able to do them well.   Hopefully I can find some ready made kits or down loadable templates for the holidays.

I also love making things personalised and special, which is why I was so thrilled when Stuck on you agreed to give away a fabulous prize pack that can be personalised to your son or daughter.  The prize pack is valued at $59.80 and includes an Easter hunt bag, activity book, t-shirt and bunny feet trail stickers.  So cute and everything you need to make this Easter memorable for your child.  All you need to do is sign up for the What’s on 4 newsletter here.

So I wish you all a very happy and safe Easter with your little bunnies.

Enjoy the holidays and do your best in the Easter hunt this year!

Here are a few pics of Master 2 at 5 months enjoying his first Easter – personalised Easter cupcakes and Master 5mths thinking ‘what is on my head!’ – Note the pathetic attempt at bunny ears – He he.