Mama Chat – Tooth Fairy Mystery

Well a month has past since my last blog and it is perfectly timed as I can now report that Master 2 is settled into childcare aka ‘kindy’.   My husband and I had occasions of  ‘are we doing the right’ thing as we faced cries of ‘wanna stay home’ in the morning but after 8 sessions he now heads out the door happily.  Special thanks need to go to Dorothy the Dinosaur for assisting during this turbulent period.

Our family is currently going through the joy of teething with Miss 7 months.  You would think the second time around it would be easier, but I think it’s worse.

First time round you had no idea how bad it could get, or how many teeth could possibly come out of that little tiny mouth!

Having had my first filing ever this year (remember your calcium breastfeeding mums), I can’t begin to imagine how painful teething must be.  Anything to do with the mouth and pain is horrid, burnt tongue, biting your cheek, sore throat – you get what I mean.

It shocks me that is only a mere few more years and these teeth will be falling out again!

Then hello tooth fairy.

What I’d like to know is where is the tooth fairy when the teeth are coming through??

Nowhere in site!

She’s smart.

But I would honestly be happy to pay her double, triple even, to be around during this teething stage.

We could do with a little fairy magic in our house.

But at least we know after the difficult night that our baby girl will be full smiles, giggles and raspberries in the morning.

So I am off to bed early on a Saturday night armed with my defenses… homeopathic teething relief, wet washer, teething gel, baby Panadol, Amber necklace and dummy.

We have this covered, no little teeth are going to beat us – who needs the tooth fairy anyway…

‘Til next time…


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