Mama Chat – Back to School Blues

The Christmas holidays are coming to a close and it is now back to reality for mums, dads and little ones all over Australia. For the 5 year olds it’s starting ‘big school’ which is a major transition for both parents and child and probably leads to record sales in Kleenex tissues and chocolate.

In our house, master 2 is starting child care today.  Just for the morning.  Just 2 days a week.  At present there is 2 hours and 56 minutes to go, but who’s counting? I’m fine.

So this morning we packed his bag-Dorothy the Dinosaur, banana, drink bottle, bed sheet, hat, change of clothes labeled with a black permanent pen (knew I should have got onto those name label thingys earlier!) and off he went with his dad.

Now, as a working at home mum I would normally be doing the drop off and pick up but as it is on the way to my husbands work and we think, hope, pray that he will find it easier to wave good bye to his dad, he will be going with him.

Master 2 and I spend a lot of time together and like to keep ourselves busy, out and about. We are spoilt for choice really, we have swimming lessons, gymnastics, kindermusik, playgroups and many great parks to explore, all in our own back yard of Wagga Wagga NSW. I love the opportunities that bringing children up in regional NSW brings and was thrilled find a centre that embraces all that with a vegie patch and farm animals. Involvement in these things have helped build his confidence and social skills which I have no doubt will prepare him for this (little) step away from us.

This starting care adventure, coincides with me starting to work from home with What’s on 4 business. This is an exciting and challenging time for our family, as like most families we strive to keep the right balance. I love being a mother and I love working and I am better at both of these ‘jobs’ because of the other. It is true there is nothing more important or job as hard as raising children that are happy, well balanced and resilient.  Most importantly, giving them opportunities to make memories is what counts.

But I can’t help but wonder what Master 2  thinks is going on… who these other kids are.. who these big people are, but most probably what I think about the most is if he’s wondering when’s the food coming and Where’s the Wiggles? 1 hr 24min to go. So far so good.

So the photos have been taken and the kisses given and I am trying very hard to distract myself but can’t help feel a tinge of excitement about the freedom this will bring. I still have Miss 6mths to keep me on my toes but to be able to sit and write this blog while she sleeps without hearing ‘muuuum’ or blocks crashing down or a xylophone been played repeatedly has been nice.

I hope you and your families have enjoyed the holidays and your little ones have a wonderful year of playing and learning ahead of you with lots of stories to be shared at the end of the day and master pieces to put on the fridge.

I will keep you posted on how he goes….. 1 hours 15 min to go.  But I’m fine, just going to find some tissues and chocolate.

Master 2 waving goodbye. Check out the fake Aussie flag tattoos from yesterday!xx